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5th - 8th Grade

What is Logic School?

The logic stage of Providence Academy’s curriculum follows the grammar stage a student completes in the 4th grade. The Logic School will service students in grades 5 - 8. During this period of education, generally called “Middle School,” a child begins to transition into adulthood. Naturally a student during this stage becomes more argumentative as he or she attempts to understand and make sense of the world from their own vantage point. Students begin to form personal worldviews as they examine information and attempt to categorize it into a logical framework.

What is unique about the Logic School at Providence?

At Providence our aim is to come alongside students and their families in order to facilitate an environment that challenges students to build their worldviews on the truth of God’s Word. Students will recognize that every other man-made system of thought  falls short because ultimately they are self-contradictory.  Biblical Christianity, on the other hand, will be demonstrated as the only viable worldview to build one’s life upon.

What pedagogical approach is used in the Logic School?

The logic school naturally builds on the resources the students acquired in the grammar school. The focus of students in grades K - 4 is on acquiring information, while the focus of students in  grades 5 - 8 is on synthesizing information. Classrooms are structured around a dialectic method where the Socratic Method is implemented and students are encouraged to make logical arguments for or against positions. Students are given formal logic courses to assist in strengthening their argumentation by recognizing fallacies and building well reasoned syllogisms. Students are also heavily instructed in Bible curriculum to cultivate humility and an understanding of ultimate authority.

What practical considerations must be considered when enrolling into the Logic School?

The further a child progresses through his or her academic career the more specialized the teaching becomes. With specialized instruction (students going from class to class to different teachers) come additional costs. At Providence Academy our goal is to keep tuition affordable for families. The annual tuition amount for the Logic School is $7,600. Financial aid is available upon request.

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