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KIndergarten - 4th Grade

Grammar school is far more than a rigorous learning of sentence and word structures. In the world of classical education, grammar school refers to the early building blocks of a student's development. More precisely, the word "grammar" can be defined as "the basic elements of an area of knowledge or skill." In Providence Academy Grammar School students study the foundational elements of various subjects in order to prepare them for the later stages of reasoning through and applying that material (Logic & Rhetoric). 


The classical approach uniquely harnesses the student's psychological and cognitive stage of development. Through an engaging and dynamic methodology students explore and immerse themselves into the subjects that are taught. Through the use of songs, chants, games, story telling, and other enjoyable activities students are able to retain a significant amount of information, a skill that is foundational for logically ordered thinking.


In a typical Providence Academy Grammar School classroom one will find students engaging in...


  • Phonics Program

  • Memorization

  • Penmanship

  • Cumulative Study of History

  • Foundational Mathematical Concepts

  • Literature/Poetry

  • Study of God's Creation/Science

  • Latin

  • Fine Arts

  • Field Trips, Recess, Special Events, and so much more...

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